General Info

+ What is raw footage?

It is 5-10 seconds of raw, unedited, straight out of the camera clips that we capture during the day. It's rather tedious to go through and watch us repeat the same shot over and over while we perfect the shot but it is good to have as keepsake. You can keep these orginal files and send them back to myself or another videographer in the future if you want more edits done.

+ What is online hosting?

I will upload your wedding film on Mediazilla and give you a password protected link that you can share with all your friends and family.

+ Do you offer Aerial/Drone Footage?

Yes we do! We offer aerial footage if your venue location applies within flight rules and regulations of CASA.

+ Do you have a travel fee?

There are no travel costs to the Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, Toowoomba or surrounding areas. We would love to travel to all other locations but travel and accommodation costs would need to be considered.

+ Do you travel interstate/overseas?

Yes! We would absolutely love to travel interstate or overseas to capture your special day. We are always interested in growing our destination wedding portfolio. We love to explore!

Booking Details

+ When is a good time to book?

As a small company, we currently do not take on back to back weddings so dates are rather limited. We pride ourselves in delivering quality, polished films which takes time so I strongly encourage you to contact me as soon as you possibly can.

+ Can we set up meeting prior to booking?

Yes of course! I'd absolutely love to meet you and your fiance. We can set up a coffee date and talk all about the lovely dovey side of things and of course your wedding day! Trust me, time will fly by!

+ How do I secure my wedding date?

We require a $500 deposit of your chosen package to secure your wedding date and the remaining balance is due a month before your wedding date. If you require a different payment plan, please don't hestitate to ask and we can figure something out.

+ I need a last minute videographer. Can you help?

Yes! Send me a text and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If I'm already booked, I will have a list of other talented videographers handy!

Wedding Day

+ What happens if you become severely ill on my wedding day?

I have a lot of great videographers that can fill my place, however, I have not missed a booked wedding thus far. Bruce has filmed alongside me from the very beginning and he is more than capable to become the primary shooter.

+ When is a good time to start shooting?

The best time for us to start shooting is approximately two hours before the Ceremony starts. This will be confirmed closer to your wedding date.

+ Should we have an unplugged wedding?

I highly recommend that you have an unplugged wedding. You've already got professional photographers and videographers capturing your day and I'm sure you want your guests to savor the moment.

+ What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

Dont worry! We have raincoats in our camera bags and big umbrellas in our cars that we can use to protect ourselves and our gear and of course, you guys! We will make it work! Personally, I think the best weather for video is actually on a cloudy day! But in saying that, if you have planned an outdoor wedding, it is best if you have a back up plan for wet weather.

+ How will you work with the photographer?

We've had the opportunity to work with and befriend many professional photographers. We both have the same goal to capture the wedding so we will work together and stay side by side to ensure we aren't in each others way!

Post Wedding

+ Can I chose the music?

Unfortunately due to copyright and legality issues, I do not use any commercial music. I will usually spend days searching for that perfect song to match the vibe of your wedding and your personality. Music is an intergral part of the story telling process so I hope you will let me have total creative control. If you'd like, you can hop onto The Music Bed or Soundstripe and browse around what music you like from there. Otherwise I can link you to a couple of songs that I've chosen and you can choose one from that list.

+ The day went by so fast, can I upgrade my package?

Of course you may! Most people don't realise how quickly the day flies by and sometimes minor details are forgotton. If you want to upgrade your package, let me know!

+ When will my wedding package be completed?

It will be completed within 4 months. Please remember I edit all my wedding videos on my own and I like to polish each film as best as I can to deliver a wedding video you guys will cherish for eternity.

+ How will my wedding package be delivered?

If your place is close by, I will drop it off personally. If its a little further away, I will send it via Aus Post with a Tracking Number & signature upon arrival to ensure your package arrives safely.